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OpenRAN in the Wild: From Prospect to Reality

4 September 2020

AUTHORED BY: Stefano Cantarelli

The idea of open networking is always popular. But for the reality to live up to the promise, there needs to be certain conditions met – commercial viability, technological availability, and real operator-vendor collaboration from the same songbook.

And for open radio access networks – better known as OpenRAN or O-RAN, depending on the initiative –these conditions are starting to come together. While the idea of disaggregated RAN has been around for some time, the past 12 months has seen a tipping point for adoption of the initiative. With the organisational and standardisation groundwork now in a good place, OpenRAN and O-RAN has moved into real-world trials and active deployments.

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Stefano Cantarelli
Stefano CantarelliClick for Bio
EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Stefano has been spending almost three decades in the Telco industry and brings leadership in technology vision, innovative IP solutions in the mobile and convergent communication and also operational excellence in major technology transformation cycles and introduction in the overall Telecommunication market worldwide.

Stefano as Chief Marketing Officer at Mavenir is responsible for helping Mavenir expand its market share as a partner of choice for its global customer base, and ensuring that Mavenir continues to drive innovation that provides value to customers and agility to their technology.

Most recently, Stefano was driving the Network and IT strategy for O2 UK and defining the Virtualisation Strategy in the Telco Cloud project.

Previously, Stefano was CTO and R&D Vice President of Acision and at Huawei in UK as Vice President of Carrier Networks for UK and Ireland, and at Vodafone, where he was responsible for the network engineering and operations, transforming the infrastructure and launching 3G and internet services together with a lot of innovations to give agility and leadership position.

In addition, Stefano has held senior roles at Bulldog, Vodafone Italy, Ericsson, Siemens Telecomunicazioni, AT&T Network Systems, and Lucent Technologies.

Stefano graduated in Milano at the Politecnico of Milano in 1988 for Electronic engineering.

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