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Presence-Resource List Server

The Mavenir Presence & Resource List Server (PS/RLS) supports a rich suite of presence features. Presence Server (PS) accepts, stores and distributes presence information as well as manages group list subscriptions and presence information. The functionality is as follows:

  • Handles subscriptions, publications and notification of presence information
  • Hard/Persistent State, Soft State, Tagline, Icon, Multi-SIM support
  • Subscription authorization & Subscriber Identities
  • Notification filtering preferences, aggregation and rate control mechanisms to the notifications
  • Subscriptions and authorization to presence lists
  • Interaction with XDMS
  • XML Document Management System (XDMS) and Aggregation Proxy (AP):

    Mavenir XDMS is a XML based storage system to store and archive subscriber data in the network.  Per OMA XDM standards, the Mavenir XDMS stores user presence profile and buddy lists for Rich Communication Services (RCS).  Application servers in the network can also subscribe to information updates via SIP.  Subscriber devices (UE) access the content via XCAP based Ut interface authenticated via the Aggregation Proxy.    In addition XDMS can be utilized for multiple applications as a shared XMDS such as the Mavenir Rich Messaging Server utilizing the XDMS to store subscriber specific profiles such as group lists to enable group messaging across any devices – 2G, 3G, 4G and IMS.   The Mavenir XDMS is also used to store matched list from various social networks.

    All Mavenir products, including application servers and gateways, are deployed on Mavenir's mOne® Convergence Platform.

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